Liquor licensing

Alcohol Licensing in New South Wales is administered by the Department of Pc Gaming & Racing, the Alcohol Management Board and the Licensing Court. Common Kind Of Licences Catering service’s Permit-this permit is required for premises where features are held and also alcohol is offered and also when a food caterer offers alcohol with food at a function. Function Licence-amomentary or long-term licence can be acquired from the Licensing Court for alcohol to be sold at special events. Hotelier’s Permit- this licence qualifies the holder to offer liquor on premises with a retail store and with the Court’s authorization can trade as much as 24-hour a day. Nightclub Licence -before a club permit is provided, the candidate will need to get approval from the local authority such as the local council for the properties to be utilized as a place for public entertainment. The licence additionally has particular problems affixed to it if dishes are additionally offered at the premises. Retail (Off-Licence)-the public can purchase liquor for usage away from the premises. If the dining establishment has a function location endorsed on the licence after that liquor can be consumed in that area prior to or after the dish. A licence is not required for restaurants providing BYO. Transfer of Existing Permit – if there is an existing company, then the buyer of the business will certainly need to have the suitable licence transferred to the buyer at the time of negotiation of the acquisition of business For comprehensive legal support with Alcohol Licensing, please call LAC Legal representatives.